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Tell Me a Cuento / Cuéntame un Story

4 Stories in English & Spanish

By (author) Joe Hayes, Illustrated by Geronimo Garcia

The perfect resource for parents who despair of getting their children to sit still and listen. The stories, colorfully illustrated in a sharp, bright style reminiscent of cut-paper art, bring with them an interactive approach to storytelling, a clever use of word patterns and rhythms and a boisterous wealth of songs, chants and repeated refrains.—<I>Books for Children</I>, Clemson University<br><BR> ""<I>Tell Me a Cuento</I> is just plain charming. Billed as a bilingual early reader, it also makes a great read-aloud-and-look-at-the pictures book for parents and children.""—<I>New Mexico Magazine</I><BR><BR>Contains four of Joe's most popular stories:<br><BR>Do you know what a Terrible Tragadabas is Or why the bossy rooster José can’t go to the wedding of his Uncle Perico Or who gets to marry the butterfly, La Mariposa—the pig, the dog, the cat or the mouse Or how come the elves gave the poor woman a pot of gold Well, good news! Nationally known storyteller Joe Hayes teams up with illustrator Geronimo Garcia to answer all these questions with four of his most popular tales told in English and Spanish. Also available in single-book form while supplies last, these four stories have now been anthologized for the first time.<br><BR>The Terrible Tragadabas<BR><I>El Terrible Tragadabas</I> (Spanish)<BR><BR>No Way, José!<BR>¡De Ninguna Manera, José! (Spanish)<BR><BR>Mariposa, Mariposa<br><I>Mariposa, Mariposa</I> (Spanish)<BR><BR>Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Oh!<BR><I>¡Lunes, Martes, Miércoles, O</I>! (Spanish)<BR><BR><B>Teacher's Guide available!</B><BR><I>Using a Bilingual Storybook in the Classroom</I><BR>A Teacher’s Guide to <I>Tell Me a Cuento / Cuéntame un story</I><BR>Saddlestitched o 0-938317-44-X

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